ODOO V10 Community VS Enterprise Edition overview

Posted by Cybrosys Technologies 11/01/2017

Odoo / Open ERP is a suite of enterprise management applications . Targeting companies of all sizes , the application suite includes billing , accounting , manufacturing , purchasing , warehouse management , and project management 

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      1 . Just a few months back Odoo has launched its new version 10 with new features . It has covered all modules with more advanced features in manufacturing module .

       2 . Odoo 10 is a “all  in one” software package .

      Odoo V 10 ( Community vs . Enterprise Edition )


      1. Odoo 10 Enterprise version has some exclusive new modules to name a few are ‘Help desk ’, ‘ Odoo studio ’, ‘ PLM ’ , ‘ Quality Management ’ and so on . Through this , we will cover some details about two of the enterprise module i.e., Odoo Help Desk and Odoo Studio .


     Odoo Help Desk:

      This is a new module introduced with the release of Odoo 10 . This module is for providing customers support and address the typical issues and         queries they have . The Odoo Help Desk Module generates tickets via emails , or from a website form or any third party application and these             tickets can be assigned manually or randomly between the teams members . The module also allows you to assign priority to tickets

    It consists of following features :-

1. It is a ticket management application .

2 . Process tickets through different stages to solve them .

3 . We can Add priorities, types, description and tags to define your tickets .

4 . We can Make an in-depth analysis of your tickets through pivot view in reports menu

5 . The modules allow you to link your company help desk to a public FAQ / Forum or any site , which is a knowledge base with             relevant presentations or videos or blogs .

6 . The module also lets you set the service level agreements for individual tickets that raised .

7 . Odoo 10 Help Desk also automates Customer satisfaction survey .



Odoo Studio is also a new module introduced with Odoo v10 . Odoo Studio lets you create your own custom application (code-less) within minutes . We can add , remove or change any type of field directly in the interface , just simply select the view of the model you want to customize and you could then make changes easily.. It consists of following features :-

1 .  A customization application .

2 . It allows the user to customize most elements of user interface in a simple and graphical way .

3 . We can easily Create a new application ( add module , top - level menu item & default action .

4 . We can easily Customize an existing application ( edit menus, actions and views ) .

5 . We can Use python code to develop advanced automation . There is no limitation.

In the enterprise and community edition of manufacturing module ( Odoo v10 ) there are some options included in the form of ‘Extra Features’ which includes the following ..

1 . Odoo 10 Master Production Schedule ( MPS )

Enterprise edition : It uses MPS in order to create procurements based on forecasts .

Community edition : No need for MPS as products has short lead times .

2 . Odoo 10 Product Lifecycle Management ( PLM )

Enterprise edition : It manages engineering changes, features and documents.

Community edition : No PLM .

3 . Odoo 10 Maintenance

Enterprise edition : Preventive and corrective maintenance management .

Community edition : No maintenance machines and work centers .

4 . Odoo 10 Quality Control

Enterprise edition : Manage quality control points, measures and checks .

Community edition : No quality control .

Just have a look at the features of Community / Enterprise Edition of manufacturing module.

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From the above-mentioned details , we can understand the characteristics of both enterprise version and community version . Official Odoo partners only can able to give you enterprise version services.. Hope you know Cybrosys is an Odoo official partner (we get technical and functional training from Odoo)

Being an official partner is something like commitment and responsibility level is much high . At the same time quality , level of product and service is also high... Highly trained professionals of our team already explored different odoo-ERP solutions. Are you trying find out any ERP solution??? We are here to serve you.....

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