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From the majority of the earlier blogs you are familiar with different ODOO modules and its features. Now we think that it’s time to explore the new features of Odoo 10. As you know, ODOO - a fully functional ERP system and was released under AGPL license. Odoo was previously known by the name Open ERP.

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         Website Builder

          E Commerce


         Odoo Studio



         Quality Management


         Help desk

         CRM & Sale

         Point of sale





        Time sheets


       Mass Mailing



     Point of sale

Dependency with Sale 

This, POS- Point of Sale module does not depend on the Sale module anymore.

Demo Data

 The new module to load demo data products (drinks) to quickly prepare a demo.


The better handling of exceptions to avoid blocking users (eg. like opening the same session twice).

Default opening balance 

This feature helps us to fasten the cash control with a default opening balance.

Serial number 

 The point of sale interface supports scanning serial numbers for products requiring traceability.

Order transfer 

We can easily transfer an order to another table for the restaurant environment.


Forecasts & Planning  - (Enterprise) 

This new grid view helps us to forecast or create users planning in addition to the existing Gantt view.


 The new Support for project sub-tasks. Easy for delegation or splitting a job to do across different persons (should be activated from the developer mode).

Customer Satisfaction 

We can easily automate satisfaction surveys (ratings) periodically or at tasks/issues completion. Public dashboard to share your performance.



Bar code Scanner - (Enterprise) 

The new Improved bar code scanner interface for mobile screens and better usability.

Carrier  - (Enterprise) 

We can easily Integrate with packaging. Packages are taken into account in the delivery cost.

Inventory adjustments 

 Inventory on category of products and ease the started inventory of your product.

Multi-locations & Warehouses 

 We can easily configure for multi-locations & warehouses have been split. This allows to have a single warehouse with multiple locations or multiple warehouses with no location management.

Returns & Refunds 

 When returning products, optionally refund the customer and/or vendor.

Internal notes

 We can set internal notes on products and get these notes to appear when receiving or delivering products (eg. quality control reminder).


Ability to scan or set a package and its weight when processing a picking/delivery order. Useful for cost computation and label printing by carriers.


Bar code Management Enterprise 

 We can easily track attendees participation by scanning badges with the new barcode interface.

Email scheduling

Improved email templates.


Editable PoS

You can now modify purchase orders and expected receptions will adapt automatically.

Blanket Orders

We can Create blanket orders; order when you want, and track quantities according to the contract.

Purchase tender

New Improved usability for purchase tenders: easily create new offers, don't cancel tenders automatically.

Templates of PO

We can use purchase agreements to define templates of purchase orders. When creating a PO, you can load all products automatically.

Time sheets

Grid view Enterprise

With the help of new Grid view, we can easily manage matrix of records. Recording time sheets is now faster with this grid view.

Project based

The new improved time sheets are now based on projects and tasks, not anymore on analytic accounts.

Invoicing policy Enterprise

A new option has been introduce to invoice time sheets based on validation, not on creation. Useful to invoice time sheets weekly or monthly.


Tablet Ui

You can simply put a tablet at your company entrance, and manage attendances with badges or code.

Bar code

Print badges with bar codes and sign in/out by scanning the badges.

PIN support

Sign In/Out using a PIN code per employee.

Mass Mailing

Themes & Styles  Enterprise

Mass mailing now support themes (pre-made mailings) and styles for the choice of colors and images. An interesting feature for the users.

New themes  Enterprise

Four themes and styles are available by default.

New editor

The mass mailing editor has been re developed from scratch to improve its usability and performance.

Building Blocks

All building blocks and the designer have been reviewed to improve the creation of a mailing.


Recipients tracking

We can easily check the status of mail sent and track external recipient on emails

Live chat Rating

Let your customer leave his feedback about your company services through the live chat.


Mentions are now supported in the discus widget on documents, to easily notify other people.

Canned responses

Define canned responses to quickly answer most common questions in the live chat (use ":").

Chat Commands

New mechanism of commands. Start a link with "/" to get the list of chat commands.


Expense reports

Submit your expenses in bulk to your manager, using expense reports.


The new Improved reimbursement mechanism with a one-click payment wizard.


We can easily attach photos of expenses, and easily control attachments on expense reports.

Email Gateway

We can send a picture of your expense by email and Odoo will create the expense automatically for you.

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