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ERP Implementation is an important stage for any company along with that the training of the employees is equally important.


Nowadays, many companies do not take training seriously and it definitely slow down the growth of the organization in the long run. If you want to run your ERP successfully, then training should be an unavoidable part of the ERP implementation.

Once we decided to implement the ERP in the organization, We should finalize all the details related to the employee training.

When the decision being taken to implement an ERP system in an organization, training session to the employees should be discussed and finalized in detail. As lot of money and time is invested in this effort to increase productivity, efficiency and the final result from the end-users, it is very important to pay much attention to provide training to the employees for the effectiveness of the system in the business operations.

Hence, we would like to share some points about the training. The proper training will give your organization an edge over the competitors and enable staff to increase their productivity and growth.

Training your employees with the new change

With ERP implementation, changes are the obvious part. Employees, on the other hand, resist change. The process and the daily workflow will change and it is the part of the organization to enable staff to adopt the new changes with the help of the change management strategy.

Most of the professionals or experts say that an organization can spend so much money on their enterprise resource planning system but does not assign enough budget for the employee training. This will end up with average skills that will end up failing to meet the goal of ERP implementation.
Training acts as a catalyst in the process and staff members who undergo training familiar with the new system easily.

Not Everyone Needs All the Training

The role of each employee in an organization is different and are taking care of different processes in the organization. And that's why, the organization should train their staffs according to the job profile or role. The training should make them better at what they had been doing since joining the organization.

A good strategy is to go an organization-wide training and understand the needs of each section of the organization, based on the process and functionality.

Different training should be carried out all levels.

Create Sufficient Budget for ERP Training

As you all know, training is the most neglected part of ERP implementation, and it shows in the budget that is assigned for training purposes.

Selling out low budget results in poor implementation and have a tendency to overspend over the allocated budget.

Continuous Training is important

Definitely one training does not sufficient for the employees. With a constant change in the system, continuous training is necessary. Insufficient training could cause operational delays and to realizing your business goals. The continuous training also helps to use the full benefits of ERP. As people do not want change, they are more prone to discard what they learned in the first training sessions. Constant training with advanced topics can spark interest in them easily. 

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